Day Nine – Rocky Mountain high

This was the day that we headed into the Rocky Mountains. It was a much shorter trip than the previous day, partly because the speed limit on our route today between Kamloops and Jasper was largely between 90 and 100km/hr (as opposed to 50 to 60km/hr). We left Kamloops under early morning fog, which burnt off as the morning progressed into yet another perfect autumn day. We have been extraordinarily lucky with the weather on this trip, and we know it – all the locals tell us that it is usually raining at this time of year.

About half-way into the trip, Ange got behind the wheel for the first time driving on the wrong side of the road. It is a surreal feeling, but you get used to it. The worst part is turning left – it’s a very foreign feeling turning so far out around a corner when you are used to hugging the curb.

Our first stop was the Mount Robson provincial park, on the western side of the Rocky Mountains corridor. We stopped at the stunning Rearguard Falls, the highest point that salmon swim upstream to spawn.

We then continued along for a relatively short distance until we spotted the towering Mount Robson. Mount Robson is the highest peak in the Rockies at 3,954 metres. On the days when it is cloudy, the top of it is usually always obscured behind cloud. Well, my friends, not today …

Just could not believe how amazingly clear it was. Kylie, who has been to Canada previously, kept telling the rest of us how incredible this mountain is on a clear day, and she wasn’t wrong about that!

After pausing for some photos, we jumped back into the car and made our way to Jasper. It seemed that every corner that we turned, there was another stunning vista. It was our introduction to the Rocky Mountains.

After buying our National Parks discovery pass and entering the park, we made our way into downtown Jasper, only to be greeted by an elk doe casually crossing the road in the main street. Stunning animals!

We went for a walk before dinner and found a lot of elk poop around the streets, so the animals obviously have the run of the town.

Dinner was at a nearly steak restaurant, then a relatively early bedtime at around 11pm (that’s about the earliest we have crashed this trip!!).

Day 10 of our holiday will be our first opportunity to explore the Rockies in more detail – let’s hope the weather holds out!

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