A little about us …

WhenCalls JAKK

We are four Aussie friends, brought together by our love of the Hallmark Channel TV period drama When Calls the Heart. We are about to experience the trip of a lifetime and travel to Canada to attend the fourth annual Hearties Family Reunion (HFR4) fan convention.

You may be wondering what JAKK means. JAKK is an acronym that represents the first letters of our names – Jennifer (or Jenn for short), Angela (Ange), Kylie (Kyles), and Kristyn (or KP as we often call her). We first connected through social media in early 2018 as we followed the on-screen adventures of Hope Valley schoolteacher Elizabeth Thatcher and Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Jack Thornton, and through the show have become firm friends.

All four of us were fortunate enough to be selected among the 300 people from the US, Canada and around the world to attend this year’s HFR4 event. We created this blog to chronicle our experiences as we travel to the event and take in the best sights, tastes and sounds that western Canada has to offer.


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